Sarah's Personal Page

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Sarah's Site

I love to sing and play guitar. My favorite song is Amazing grace. Everytime I play the guitar,it hurts my fingers but I love to play it for the Lord. Sometimes when I sing in front of a lot of people, I get nervous, but I still love to sing. This webpage is about learning the guitar and singing for the Lord.

Where I Go To School

I go to school at the Showell Elementry School and I am in the third grade.

My Favorite hobbies

My favorite hobies are riding my scooter (which is broken right now) and doing sports. Some of my favorite sports are karate, gymnastics, soccer, and ballet. When I ride my scooter I can do tricks on it. I can do the bunny hop, the tornado twist, and the slide flip.

How I Found Jesus

Iwas saved when I was 5 years old. Two years later on my seventh birthday, I got baptized. I love to go to church and I belong to the Patch The Pirate Club. At Patch we learn about the Bible, hear great stories, and sing some really fun songs.Somtimes we sing for the church or visit people who cannot come to church. I think church is a fun place to be and wish more kids would join our Patch Club.