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Orbiter Links

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Favorite Sites

Main site for Orbite, a FREE space flight simulator by Dr. Martin Schweiger.

Orbiter addons, including the popular sound module and DG III. With forum (including francophone forum and French documentation).

Go to my Youtube Channel to see the lastestes NASSAC videos utilizing the NASSAC simulator.

Gene Harm's site: FAQ about orbiter; Add-on reviews and Tutorials, it has everything to help you make your first step

VMC2 Virtual Mission Control Program for Orbiter.

MEDS MDU or MFD's thatwork on a network with VCM2 installed and running on the server.

Aletea Aerosapce  Have the  XR5 Vanguard, DeltaGlider-XR1, and XR2 Ravenstar, cutting-edge, high-performance spacecraft.

More MFD Sites

This is a great site to download the latest in some very powerful MFDs to assit with Space Flight navigation.

TransX is a navigation MFD allowing the planned multistage trajectories for transfer orbits two other planets and slingshot trajectories

 We also suggest you visit and watch the video that Neill G. Russell, author of "Newton's Riddle", has put together concerning the work of  Dr. Gerald Schroeder, an MIT Physics professor. The video will reconcile the six days of creation with the 15 billion year age estimate of the universe.   

Watch a short video of a C-17 simulation . The video is a landing at Dover AFB and highlights the new 180 degree view of the NASSAC simulator.

Have Fun!